5 things I learnt when i decided to create a blog.

So my raging Sunday plans I involved watching LA LA land, trying to coax my new kitty to join me and deciding to create a blog. Pretty much a recipe for success right there. We’ll you’d be wrong. Not about Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone. Or about bribing a snuggly animal. It all went pear shaped when I opened up my computer.

1. To create a blog you need a platform…strike one. Which is best, free, modern-ish layout, customisable blah blah (I had to Google the things they offered). Needless to say I opted for WordPress.com. There are numerous other options, all with they pros and possible cons, I looked at Wix.com, squarespace, blogger, Tumblr. Really I just got overwhelmed and went with one. (A big help for you I’m sure!)

2. So easy from here…I guess if you know what you want to call it. I searched for different blogs and saw what was around and what came up first. There are some awesome and catchy names out there! Kudos to them. (Did I give kudos correctly? Let me know please).

Luckily for me I am very well versed in the art of rambling. And obviously age isn’t an issue to disclose. So voilà. Keep it simple for you and everyone else to remember and spell. Also something to stand out or at least give a clear indication of what the blog is about. In this case not much besides my wonderful rambles.

3. You’ll need an email to link it to. Which is fine if you regularly check your emails, have a personal one separate to your work etc. I decided to just create a separate one so that I didn’t get things confused and also to manage my inability to remember passwords. If you use Blogger, it links to your Gmail, helps if you need things all in one place!

4. Pictures. Phew, now we are pretty much there. By now I was ready to face the fact I definitely shouldn’t have created a blog. However I now have a name, login and I was searching for that perfect picture! So obviously as photogenic as I am, “selfies” aren’t necessarily my thing. So I decided on a beautiful image of hot air balloons over a sunrise in Egypt I took a few years ago (and totally didn’t die! Another story another time). I mean I really could have used it on my Instagram with a sweet quote…again another time sorry!

5. First post. The moment of truth. Although really who is going to read this anyway…probably no one. Even if you do how helpful have I been.

Actually I didn’t say I had helpful tips, I said what I’ve learnt. So really you’re welcome. I stayed on topic and you now have learnt all about the fact I am indecisive and probably shouldn’t have made a blog.

So you’re welcome.


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  1. You picked the right platform! I really like your start. And your photo. And your kudos, which were totally correct. Keep it up!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you for reading and checking out my page! Much appreciated. I’m loving reading your posts too, hopefully will help me out too!


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