If you’re happy and you know it – choose one of these jobs!

Today I stumbled upon this Tweet from Forbes that published a list

Women who hold these 20 job titles report the highest satisfaction levels at work.

Read the article here.

I obviously checked the list, and believe it or not, teaching didn’t make the list. I mean it’s the top 20, and you had to give the exact same job title as at least 30 other women, so maybe we all used a slightly different description. Although I noticed that nursing, engineering, dentistry, medicine etc all were left off the list too.

Really it just made me wonder what it was about the roles that made the list, and what made those women over joyous in their workplace. Sometimes I wish I was in a different field, thank goodness those moments are fleeting and I do honestly love my job.

Plus almost all of the jobs listed demand a high level of education and training, so those dedicated, powerful women have worked their butts off to get there so they damn well deserve to be satisfied! 

You go Girls. Plus I might use this list ands ands guide when letting future girlies (and boys) on positions they could consider. 

Thanks Forbes. I mean I’m still hoping that I’ll be in your 30 under 30 issues soon (I gotta get my head in the game a little more).


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