Let’s try again tomorrow morning.

So today started out strong. Gym at 6am. Arms. Then I came home to whip up a Acai Smoothie bowl. Ok I lied. It was meant to be a smoothie bowl but it was too runny. So no decorative fruits on top.

Also I had to take a detour as I forgot to fill up with petrol last night in an ‘Oh I’ll get up before the gym and fill up’ and then the fuel light came on. Winning. Then I forgot my waterbottle. Strike 2. Oh and I was then late to my PT session. There is number 3!

But now I’m on top after the delicious (added peanut butter and banana and almond milk) smoothie. So now I will go out added enjoy the sunshine and frolic in the autumn breeze.

However this is not happening today. Today is a productive day. This is coming from a master of procrastination and procrasti-baking. That reminds me I need to do some more baking.

So let’s start out small. Breakfast. ✔ Gym. ✔ Petrol. ✔ (As you might also be able to tell. I love lists. Especially when I add things I’ve already achieved to feel success early on.)

Now I’m heading away with family for Easter. So my next things on my list.

  • Create a Playlist for cleaning.
  • Create Playlist for driving.
  • Vacuum.
  • Washing clothes and sheets.
  • Make bed.
  • Make lunch.
  • Work prep for next term.
  • Visit friend.
  • Watch a movie/TV show (hello Suits season 6)
  • Vet appointment.

Even as I am creating this list I am now listening to the Trolls soundtrack…I think it was a subconscious move to motivate me. Sly move brain. Looking at the list I am glad I didn’t number them. Instead I need to move through them, but probably shouldn’t have put playlists at the top…

Back to the playlist. I obviously have Disney (clear Disney love), Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, Beyonce, and some musicals (because duh). However I need some more inspiration.

Oh and back to my morning. Maybe I’ll try this again tomorrow. Today I will get back on track and ace this day. First step, put on some music and get up. Plus my cat has just sat on the computer keyboard. Smooth move buddy. Oh and maybe it is time for a snack or some baking…maybe that could be my next post, and hopefully be more successful.


Enjoy your day!



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