Once we took a car trip…

Last night I loaded the car and headed for my Grandparents. I left around 4.45pm. Obviously it was planned that way and hoping my cat would just chill out.

I can’t lie to you. I’m not that good a planner. I had a vet appointment at 3. That was fast. Then I needed to go to the supermarket for 3 things…nek minute… $100 later. Don’t let me shop attended. Then I decided to put the cat in the cat carrier so I could pack the car. ✔ Success. Until I remembered I didn’t put his harness on…

The next 30minutes of my life were a blur. He was bitting, meowing, squirming, struggling. While I proceeded to first put it on wrong so it was too tight and upside down. Then I let him go (don’t try that.) In the end he had it on, I was covered I  about half his hair and he was NOT going in that cat carrier.

Naturally we were then best friends singing along to the Glee Pandora station in the car. Happy times. End of story. I wish. Really the next 4 hours are my blunders. He was actually very happy and content with the occasional chatter.

I’m a good driver. Naturally. I just forgot that I had a passenger who was at the hands of my driving. I’m pleased to say it only took 1 steep corner, and hearing a slight scratch and soft thud to then slightly modify my driving. I mean I tried really hard on the winding road to slow and hold him. I did try.

I was planning on stopping every 2 hours anyway and this would give him a break. Problem was it was extremely dark on the way for the first 2.5hrs. So I was not stopping yet. When we hit the next town I pulled up in the parking for the local pub. Well lit. ✔ Only place that still had some customers. ✔ Plus had some privacy for a girl who is about to get her cat out for a roam and toilet stop. ✔

I set up the kitty litter, cat food and water bowl next to the car. I got him out and held onto his lead. He wandered and sniff. Wandered and sniffed. I plonked him in the kitty litter a few times and rattled the food. I stopped him diving under the car when the occasional car drove by. I also splashed him with water. He hadn’t had anything to drink and I panicked. Wetting him didn’t make him drink. Don’t know why I thought it would. Wrong move from me. He then went for a little walk. Not fussed. Then he walked back to the car door and jumped up. He let me put him back in the carrier and shut it. He curled up and closed his eyes. I mean how easy is that!!!!

As we continued he slept and I felt I should respect this by having the music softer and my singing not so dramatic or loud. Naturally I decided the Glee and Disney soundtrack had to be retired at the point. I had already managed to get in some solid solos by now anyway. I took one for the team. You’re welcome.
I switched to Today’s Hits. Oh such a good swap. Hit after hit after hit. Tonight it really loved up to its name. You Go Glen Coco (unless you’re a Means Girls fan. Sorry.)

When we arrived I took him inside. My Nan then got him out for a wander while I unpacked the car. I did remind her she was in charge of him now. (I don’t know if I’ve mentioned but they live on a big farm) While I was unpacking he resurfaced and had quite successfully managed to become free of the middle part of the harness. The loop that goes under their belly behind their front paws was now just handing beside him. Still closed. What a magician.

Until we went to bed he explored the farm house. Managing to climb, bump, knock, scratch, sniff most things inside. He ate some lamb. I ate lamb. We decided he could roam the house at night and not have me shut him in. This lasted…10 minutes.

Here’s me – Oh I’m so comfy. I love winter sheets, electric blankets, those lovely farm noises. La la la. Sleep time. Then crash. That moment of do I ignore or check. (I that what parents sometimes feel like? If I don’t check it didn’t happen?) Went out. He had knocked off a few more things, thankfully none broken and he had some cobwebs on his whiskers. Sad to say, he then got shut into the bedroom with me.

Well that was quite a smooth trip.  And now we are here for Easter!!!! The rest of the family arrive shortly. Which you’ll probably hear about too!

FYI. I have the best cat there is.


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