A farm stay for a suburban cat

Day 2 of our farm visit yesterday. So far the kitty cat has been limited to remaining indoors. That being said it is a huge farmhouse – 2 bathrooms, 4 bedrooms, 2 living rooms, dining room, kitchen, enclosed verandah, hallway and a sun room. Not exactly a studio apartment type entrapment. 

Everyone has arrived so lots of bodies moving through doors and giving him lots of attention and cuddles. Which of course he is loving. He loves to be carried and sits so calmly and comfortably in people’s arms. 

This afternoon we were wondering where he was and nobody had seen him in a while. We checked his usual hangouts, under the kitchen table, on the beds, watching the happenings outside at the glass door…nowhere. After a good 15 minutes of searching- remember there are lots of possible cat hiding spots, we returned to the back door off the kitchen…and there he was. In all his poise and silence. Laying on the mat as if he had been there waiting for us. He casually yawned and gave us a little purr.

Now I was hesitant to allow him outside to roam. I mean we were on an unknown farm. There were new things and animals. There were ALPACAS. If you haven’t come across this awesome yet odd creatures let me fill you in. They help protect sheep and lambs from danger etc. They also don’t like cats, usually feral ones and chase them. They saw the cat and immediately were on high alert.

Luckily we stayed in the garden and just roamed around. He explored each plant and flower as he chatted to me and my Nan. After a while he decided he had had enough and calmly walked to the door and sat waiting. 

Once inside he had realised if he stood up and pushed on the back door he could open it. As he got out again. We realised the latch wasn’t working and quickly fixed that.

I mean it wasn’t too bad but still.

Oh also we built a deck and are in the process of building the roof. That is to be continued tomorrow. 

Happy Good Friday to you all! 

Oh I hope you enjoy his little verandah photoshoot.

You’re welcome. 


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