Push it.

What’s a family Easter gathering without a work out right? Well my brother led a few of us in a circuit style workout in the side paddock today. Improvised weights – water filled drums – few different weights. It involved weight carrying lunges, drum weight walking, chest press, burpees, skipping and planks. 

Obviously I aced it all and finished all 10 sets…actually that was my brother. I did it all except the burpees…who even does those. Doing 1 successfully is awesome. After that mine turns more into a fall down, hit the ground, struggle backup and then a walk up to my hands then a step up…nothing that resembles a burpee at all! I ended up swapping these out for some different things instead. Situps, crunches, partner Situps with Mum and at one point I did some cloud watching.
Yes you heard that right…at one point during the intense, timed, sweaty workout, I simply laid on my back and stared at the sky. My sister did dare ask ‘So what exactly is that exercise?’ To which I quickly started telling her all the actual exercise I’d been doing to make up for the actual fact that I was being lazy and useless. 

My brother is in heavy training for work and get completed 10 rounds. I naturally did something similar…without that many sets or the exact level of physical exertion. But look, I was there. I could have remained inside and napped with the cat. I also could have been drinking wine with some of the others. But instead I got up, got dressed and did some exercise. I’m also going to be proud of that. 

That’s something I need to get better at. Celebrating the small gains. Instead of being thinking I won’t match my brother and therefore why bother trying. I need to think at least I’m getting out there and starting somewhere. And that’s got to count for something right?

Tomorrow is another chance to do retail next small thing. Eventually, hopefully that small thing will be something much bigger I didn’t think possible, but happened when all those little things showed up. 

All it takes is 1 step in the right direction. That’s all I need to know. 

I got this. You’ve got this.


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