Trolls. The sound of silence and awe.

I was pondering over the brilliance and power that DreamWorks Trolls manages to exude in their 100 minute feature. I saw it last week and of course, loved it. But of course I would right? I’m a Disney, musical, breakout into tunes kind of girl.

All of this aside, let’s discuss the awesomeness that was a story about the Trolls and the Bergens. Oh I need to warn you, I might occasionally and unintentionally disclose spoilers as I discuss my thoughts. Also I might not. So read on at your own risk.

Firstly, I had trolls. I remember those little, ugly yet loveable trollS with the big, bright hair and those jet, black eyes. They didn’t sing, dance, spray glitter or give hugs but I had one as a pencil topper and one for my desk. So similarly to Beauty and the Beast. I was definitely going to see it.

The cast. 

Anna Kendrick, with her energetic, youthful, annoyingly perky voice, and the powerful Broadway-trained singing chords, who else better to voice Poppy. Poppy is the main lady. Queen Bee in waiting. Oh she is also an epic Scrapbooker. I mean she has all her materials ready at a moments notice to dominate and scrapbook that idea! Go girl!

She has her squad. These include James Corden, Gwen Stefani, Russell Brand and many others! They all sing. Dance. Smile. Hug. Oh yes, hug every hour, only so they can fit in all the singing and dancing too. I mean how adorable is that! A little flower bracelet lights up when it’s hug time! Where can I buy one???
Anna brings a sassy, sarcastic humour to Poppy’s positive nature in a way that reminds you of the amazing actress that she is. Her Oscar nomination for Up in the Air was not a mistake. Neither was her Tony nomination for High Society. She is brilliant. Oh and she sings acapella. Because why not. Poppy could be that annoyingly happy person. The one everyone knows and secretly (or not so secretly) despises. Instead she reminds you that really, most situations allow us to have a positive outlook and even if things go wrong, let’s ‘Get Back Up Again’. Classic song FYI. Learn it.

Justin Timberlake. JT. You’d be forgiven for temporarily forgetting he was the sweet voice of Branch. The grey, angry little loner of a Troll who distances himself from the rest of the Trolls, for fear the Bergens will return and capture them. Of course he ends up joining Poppy on her crusade to rescue their (her) friends. Branch brings out that sassy, sarcastic side of Poppy. In a wonderful way. He begins to show her the ‘realistic’ side of life while Poppy shows Branch what benefit a little happiness can do.

Zooey Deschanel is brilliant as a Bergen who becomes intertwined with the Trolls. She has this accent on and her singing is on point. Love this casting choice.

The singing is gorgeous. Each song so perfectly fits the story and the character/s that sings it. Justin Timberlake as a Music Producer for the film was awesome too. Each song gets stuck in your head. Plus you can picture the moment in the film where it is sung. Each note and line by each character, also has been delivered and executed phenomenally by each actor. You can imagine the action and facial expression as it is being said. I saw this clip of Justin and Anna recording lines and watching their faces and gestures after seeing the movie shows just how much expression and delivery gets transferred. It’s awesome!

The movie is amazing. Watch it. Listen to the songs. Use them in your Playlists. Sing along passionately.
10/10 would watch again. Obviously.


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