Easter Decadence

Happy Easter. Well Easter Weekend.

Mine was filled with Family, Food, Festivities and Fun. So many f’s.

When our family gets together there is always lots of noise, food, booze and even some arguments. Well only because when you put family all together for extended periods of time you can’t avoid it right? Please tell me this happens at other people’s family events!!!

This Easter weekend we decided to help my grandparents repair their outdoor veranda area. It meant moving all the plants, pulling off the old roof, replacing it and putting shade cloth on the sides. Mainly my mum, brother and step-dad did most of the work. I was a good off sider and kept my Nan company. Of course it looks wonderful, maybe slightly hot and more of a greenhouse but that is what my Grandpa wanted, so, all done.

We also managed to get each other lots of chocolate on Easter Sunday. This year we all had the clear instructions to only get small chocolates for each other…clearly we forgot that a small amount of chocolate from each person quickly adds up to a fair bit of chocolate each!
We started the day with delicious french toast whipped up by my sister. We possibly then covered it in crushed Cadbury eggs and maple syrup…you have to start the day right, right? Then really chocolate became a feature throughout our day.

For lunch we decided to try a Hot Cross Bun Smores we saw a video. As my grandparents are on a farm, the oven is powered by the wood oven and so wasn’t hot enough to use, so we used the electric frypan. We cut the Hot Cross Buns in half. Toasted the insides then flipped them. We used Magnum chocolate blocks as our chocolate sources as it is thin and we didn’t want to overload it. After a slight melting, we added a layer of marshmellows. After lightly warming the inside of the tops, we put them together and with a slight push we waited for them to melt.

The result was pure deliciousness and sugary madness. They pulled apart and their ooey, gooey goodness was overflowing. They were everything we wished and hoped for. Chocolate, sugar, hot cross buns and deliciousness. Amazing-ness. Although we could only just get through one each and that as our lunch! Everyone needs try one. For reals.

We finished the day with a wonderful Chicken and Bacon bake with sweet chilli, soy sauce and something else that made a beautiful mum-invented dinner.
We watched Hacksaw Ridge while munching on yet another Easter Egg. That movie was shocking, amazing and inspiring. Watch it. Now. Andrew Garfield – wow. Another post though.

Happy Easter everyone!


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  1. Wow what a delicious and yummy post. Happy Easter to you and to your family too.

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    1. Oh it was so very delicious and filling! Happy Easter to you! Thank you!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes could make out from your yummy presentation. Welcome.

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